TowerFall Dark World expansion available in early 2015

It’s been almost nine months since Towerfall Ascension launched on PlayStation 4.

Since being launched, there have been countless requests for new levels, characters, power-ups, and modes. The first fruit of that feedback, the Dark World Expansion will hit PS4 devices early next year.

This expansion provides more playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, and trials, among other enhancements. Why is it being called an expansion rather than DLC? Because it “expands the game in every direction rather than providing small incremental additions.” This approach “allows us to tie all the new stuff together in a very cohesive manner.”

Joining the roster are red archer Vainglorious Ghoul, infamous ghost ship The Amaranth and the Cataclysm tower. Starting with the archer, which captains the Amaranth (which is one of the four new level sets in the expansion). These locations are spread throughout the Dark World, a twisted reality parallel to the original TowerFall world.

Cataclysm uses procedurally generated levels to ensure that every match is unique and surprising. Lastly, there are new power-ups, such as Trigger Arrows, which behave like remote mines. Stick them to walls or ceilings, wait for the perfect moment, and catch them off guard during detonation.

Or the otherworldly Prism Arrows that lock your enemies in magical prisons, giving them nowhere to hide.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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