Final Fantasy 14 gets dragon-inspired race, new jobs and more

Heavensward, Final Fantasy 14’s upcoming expansion had a mass of new details revealed at last weekend’s Fan Festival event. Let’s hit the highlights.

First and foremost, Square Enix revealed a new playable race that will be introduced in the expansion. The Au Ra are a lean, tall race with long tails, scales and horns sprouting from their heads.

Players returning to Final Fantasy 14 because of the new race will also be able to play with two new jobs — the damage-focused machinist, who can wield guns and craft turrets, and the healing-focused astrologian, who comes equipped with magic abilities to help buff up party members. These are in addition to the previously revealed dark knight class.

Square Enix also took time during the event to show off Heavensward’s new end-game raid, a mechanical fortress named Alexander. As with many of the game’s best features, that name could spark a hint of recognition and nostalgia in long-time fans of the franchise.

The studio revealed that fan-favorite composer Nobuo Uematsu will be returning to create Heavenward’s main theme. Square Enix also announced a Collector’s Edition for the expansion pack, which will include a dragon figurine, an art book, a disc with trailers and other videos and several unique in-game items, such as a griffin mount.

While there are plenty of details to salivate over now, we’ve got to wait a while for the full expansion. The studio plans to launch Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward in early 2015.

Source: Polygon


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