Humble Card Game Bundle deals out Scrolls, Star Realms

Humble Bundle has a new promotion on deck: digital card games. From Mojang’s newest Scrolls to the granddaddy of deck-builders Dominion, the Humble Card Game Bundle has plenty of offer those looking for a reprieve from that pesky Hearthstone addiction. The “pay what you want” portion of the bundle includes copies of the aforementioned Mojang game (PC, Mac), Solforge: Dino Starter Deck (PC), Star Realms (PC, Mac, Android), Talisman: Digital Edition  and Talisman: Prologue (PC, Mac). Purchasing the bundle for more than the average price, which rested at $6.71 at the time of this writing, adds Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers Special Edition (PC), Dominion Online (Web) and additional decks for SolForge.

Purchasing the bundle for $12 will unlock additional expansions for Dominion Online, a Deluxe Edition of Scrolls and add the basic edition of the free-to-pay browser game Card Hunter. For $35, players can also get their hands on a physical copy of Star Realms with an exclusive card and a t-shirt.

The bundle will be available to purchase for two weeks with proceeds going to charity organizations Block by Block, Save the Children and World Land Trust.

Source: Joystiq

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