Dungeon Defender 2’s triumphant return from development h*ll

It’s been a long road for Trendy Entertainment. Like many developers do, they found themselves in a situation where they’d gone a long way down the wrong path (making Dungeon Defenders 2 a multiplayer online battle arena). Unlike most developers though, they tossed out over a year’s worth of work and decided to do what they, and their fans wanted: a true successor to the original, critically acclaimed and highly successful Dungeon Defenders.

Brad Logston, Dungeon Defenders 2 senior producer referencing the first time Trendy showed the game in public:

“We heard a resounding ‘guys we want a real DD1 successor, not a MOBA.’”

Since the original Dungeon Defenders found its greatest success on Steam, PC is currently the lead platform for the second incarnation, but a PS4 version is also in the works, though, Logston was adament that no version would be launching until they “feel it’s ready.”

However, to tide you over, you can join the game’s Early Access on Steam right now.

Source: IGN


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