Citizens of Earth retro-inspired RPG available now

ATLUS and indie developer Eden Industries will put you in the role of the second-highest bureaucrat on the planet, the Vice President of Earth, in Citizens of Earth.

But don’t let the politics fool you, because there aren’t any in the game. It’s a retro-inspired RPG through and through, where as the VP you have to go around and figure out why the world has gone mad.

When you’re a career politician, you don’t get your hands dirty, you make other people do it for you. As the VP, your job will be to recruit as many citizens as possible and use their special abilities to round out your party. There are more than 40 citizens total, but you can only bring three of them with you at a time. And as well as basic combat skills, the citizens also have special talents that can be used to help outside of combat. Deep in a dungeon and need some health items? Have your Brother order some health items from FedUP’s delivery. Difficulty too easy/hard? Check in with the School Mascot. Tired of traveling on foot? The Used Car Salesman can hook you up with a sweet ride!

And then there’s the combat: it’s not as simple as mashing “Attack” for every fight. Every skill either depletes or replenishes energy — the more damaging or powerful skills need more energy, so it’s best to put a bit of thought into your attacks beforehand. Of course, if you wanted to, you could avoid combat as much as possible — there are no random encounters in Citizens of Earth, you can see every enemy on the world map. If you’re quick enough, you can slip through unscathed! Alternatively, if you’re overly powerful for some enemies, you can send your citizens charging through their ranks and earn XP without even having to go into combat!

Citizens of Earth is available now for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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