Gone Home “not actively in development” for consoles

First person conceptual simulation game Gone Home is not actively in development for consoles.

Game designer Steve Gaynor explained that the partnership with Midnight City has gone dark, possibly due to the financial troubles of the indie publisher’s parent company Majesco.


“And, unfortunately, we don’t have exciting, good news about that, I wish I did. Yeah, it’s been quite a while, and as you kind of sensed, there’s been some delays and maybe you have seen some things that have changed with Majesco.

“At this point, unfortunately, I have to acknowledge that Gone Home for console is not actively in development any longer. That deal with Majesco has sadly come to an end. So we don’t really know what that means for Gone Home for console for us. In the immediate term, it’s no longer a going thing.”

Developer the Fullbright Company announced last March that it was partnering with publisher Midnight City to bring Gone Home to consoles. Partnering allowed Fullbright to both bring Gone Home to consoles while focusing on its next project, according to Gaynor. Last year, the game was also “confirmed” as a Wii U title “coming out in the near future.”

Although the developer is still interested in bringing Gone Home to other platforms, its immediate attention has shifted to its next game, Tacoma, announced during December’s The Game Awards and slated for a 2016 release.

Gone Home is available now on PC.

Source: IGN


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