Gamestop accepting donations for police officer killed in police shootout

U.S. GameStop locations will be accepting donations for the family of a Philadelphia police officer who died in a store shootout last week, according to Polygon.

Until March 24, GameStop will process donations to Robert Wilson III’s memorial fund.

100% of donations will go to Wilson’s family. GameStop has also disclosed an undisclosed amount to the store.

Wilson was at the store while on-duty performing a security check and buying a gift for his eight-year-son as a reward for doing well in school. Two men entered the store with the aim of committing robbery and met Wilson in uniform. A shootout ensued, with over 50 shots fired in a 30-second span. Those men shot Wilson multiple times at close range and killed by a shot to the head.

Darrell Clark, Philadelphia Police homicide captain:

“The officer was a hero and a warrior — he fought until the very, very end — firing at both of them.”

Source: GameSpot


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