Xbox One March system update announced

March’s Xbox One system update brings some much-requested features like screenshots and improved tile transparency. Here’s what’s in the update that’s rolling out now:


  • Screenshots: While playing a game, you can now take screenshots on your Xbox One console by double-tapping the Xbox button on your controller to capture a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. You can also say “Xbox, take a screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.


The Upload app received an update to allow you to manage your screenshots in addition to your game clips. To set a screenshot as your background, go to Upload, open the screenshot full screen, press the Menu button, and select Set as background. You can also use Upload to share screenshots to your activity feed, attach them to messages, add screenshots to your showcase, share to Twitter, and post to OneDrive. Additionally, your game clips and screenshots will be visible in a new area on your profile.


  • Suggested friends Suggested friends will include people you might already know — so you can add more friends to game with — and top community broadcasters and clip creators — so you can get more great content in your activity feed. To find new friends, go to Friends and look for people under the Suggested friends heading or select the Suggested friends button. Or, if you don’t have a ton of friends, you can check the Friends area of Home.Sharing your name– You can now send your real name with all of your friends, or to everyone in the Xbox Live community. You can also continue to share your real name with select friends or no one, if that’s what you prefer. Gamertags are still the primary method of identifying yourself on Xbox Live, but sharing your real name helps people recognize you who might not know you by your gamertag. You can find the new name-sharing options under Friends > My profile > Name sharing settings.
  • Party chat enhancements– Party chat received two new icons to show each participant their own microphone status. The Kinect icon means that the Kinect is used as the mic and the headset icon means a headset mic is used .
  • Tile transparency– You can now adjust the level of transparency in tiles. To do this, go to Settings > My Xbox > Tile transparency.
  • Voice search privacy– A new setting to share voice search data to allow anonymous collection and analysis of voice data when using Bing to search is in the update. Go to Settings > Privacy and online safety > Custom > Share voice search data to change the setting.
  • Report spam– The Messages app has an added option to tell Xbox when you receive spam. To report a message as spam, select it, press A on the controller, select Report, and then choose Spam.
  • Live TV & OneGuide in Australia– Support for OneGuide is now available to all Australian users for free-to-air TV listings. Additionally, the OneGuide app will be pre-pinned for users in Australia in a few days.
  • Xbox One Digital TV Tuner in Australia: Xbox One owners in Australia can pre-order the Xbox Digital TV Tuner at the online Microsoft Store, which will be available on March 25th.



Source: Xbox Wire


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