GTA 5 map recreated in Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines launched last week to generally positive reviews and a relentless modding community. The SimCity-inspired city management game already has thousands of user-created assets posted to its Steam Workshop, with a replica of Grand Theft Auto V’s Los Santos joining them.

 Steam user grockefeller, map modder in its description:

“Here’s the completely built region of South San Andreas including the cities of Los Santos, Palomino, and Sandy Shores. You’ll have to deal with multiple problems like employment, ecology, waste disposal, and water.”

The mod will let you oversee the region and watch it go through its cycles, but you’ll need a couple of mods to make it work. Most importantly, you’ll need unlimited money, since Los Santos is in a bit of debt and operates at a loss.

Cities: Skylines publisher Paradox Interactive announced in a tweet today that the game has sold 500,000 copies to become their fastest-selling game to date, selling 250,000 in its first 24 hours.

 Source: GameSpot


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