OnLive shutting down after selling assets to Sony

Cloud gaming company OnLive, an early pioneer in streaming video games over the Internet, will shut down its game service later this month, according to the company. Sony is acquiring “important parts of OnLive,” according to an announcement, resulting in the game service’s discontinuation.

OnLive’s game service will end on April 30. After that date, all accounts will get closed and all user data deleted, according to the company. No further subscription fees will get charged for the game service, according to a OnLive support FAQ. The company will not offer refunds for Steam games purchased to play them via OnLive and will only offer refunds for OnLive gaming hardware purchased on or after Feb. 1.

Like OnLive Game Service, the company’s Desktop Service – a remote Windows Server desktop environment – and SL Go – the service that streamed Second Life to iPad, Android tablets and PCs – will also end on April 30.

OnLive, in a statement:

“Following the termination of the company’s services and related products, OnLive will engage in an orderly wind-down of the company and cease operations.

“Although the new company continued all of OnLive’s services from that moment forward without interruption, the public perception was that OnLive was gone. That misconception continues well into 2015. In fact, many of the recent articles that mention OnLive refer to it as ‘defunct’ or something similar. Overcoming the perception of being dead has been one of the unanticipated challenges of the turnaround.

“In 2012, Sony bought Gaikai for $380M, and we felt that we were worth at least as much, but we did not anticipate the ‘hype cycle’ running its course and the resultant disillusionment and skepticism of cloud gaming that ensued.

“We are happy that Sony is validating the innovations of OnLive by purchasing our IP and selected assets, and are immensely proud of the work that has been done by the talented team at OnLive, and we thank them for their amazing work. We are also grateful to our customers, game publishers, distribution partners and many other partners who have helped make this a reality over the years. We look forward to a bright future for cloud gaming at Sony.”

Source: Polygon


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