GTA 5 for PC’s video editing tools

Along with more music and improved visuals, the PC version of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V brings with it the Rockstar Editor, a set of tools for creating videos.

With it, you can do things like record a clip of recent gameplay (an Action Replay), or begin manually recording a clip.

You can also create footage using Director mode, letting you create a scene from scratch. You can import “hundreds” of game elements, including characters and animals, and customize where the clip takes place, what time it is, what the weather is like, and so on.

With all of your clips, you can trim and connect to them using the Project Timeline feature. You can also edit other aspects of the video by adding text, filters, music or tweaking the sound levels (like music and sound effects).

You can also control camera angles, depth of field effects, and more. When you’re finished, you can push your clip to your Rockstar Social Club account and YouTube.

GTA V launches on PC this Tuesday, but you’ll be able to play in the US starting tomorrow.

Source: GameSpot


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