GameSentral Rewind #004: April 16, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily look at the day’s top gaming headlines.

Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion won’t include a new raid

Destiny Beta

Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, will not bring a third raid to the game, according to developer Bungie.

“We didn’t make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year.”


Instead of a new raid, House of Wolves will introduce a different type of endgame content with the Prison of Elders cooperative battle arena. It will be “focused on variety, replayability, and skill,” according to Bungie.

Bungie will discuss House of Wolves’ specifics in live events over the next three weeks. On April 22nd, the developer will have a walking tour of The Reef and discuss details on the upgrade path for legendary and exotic gear. On April 29th, Bungie will show the Trials of Osiris and live endgame gear gameplay footage. The May 6th stream will focus on The Prison of Elders.

House of Wolves will come to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 19.

Mortal Kombat X lets you buy easier fatalities


Mortal Kombat X players can buy optional downloadable content that makes executing the often complex series of stick movements and button presses required by the game’s signature fatalities easier.

Two “Easy Fatalities” packs are available, which give players “access to Fatalities with simplified inputs,” according to their PlayStation Store descriptions. Players can buy five simplified moves for $0.99 and 30 for $4.99. Equivalents are also available for Xbox, but not Steam.

Mortal Kombat X also includes tokens that players can earn in the main game for free. These tokens turn fatalities into two-button presses.

The DLC is a separate buy from Mortal Kombat X, which starts at $59.99 and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows, with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions coming this summer.

Hearthstone now on iOS, Android phones


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft fans no longer have to wait for the promised mobile phone version of the addictive card game.

The Hearthstone mobile port is now playable on iOS and Android phones, according to developer Blizzard. The new version features a redesigned interface to make it playable on smaller screens.

As with prior versions, players’ card collections will remain tied to their account, so you’ll be able to share progress between the game’s Windows, Mac, iOS and Android versions.

Blizzard also announced that anyone who finishes one full game of Hearthstone in its mobile versions will get a free classic card pack. These classic packs are available for anyone that finishes a game on the iOS and Android versions.

Hearthstone is now live on mobile devices, though it may take some time to pop up in searches, according to Blizzard.

Apple Watch gets Watch Quest launch-day adventure game

Watch Quest Heroes of Time

Watch Quest! Heroes of Time, an adventure game designed for the Apple Watch by developer WayForward Technologies, hits the App Store on its launch day next day, according to the studio.

Watch Quest is a new kind of game experience that spans two devices. The iPhone serves as the player’s kingdom, while the Apple Watch represents a journey that spans several hours.

“Gameplay revolves around choosing a hero and equipping them on the iPhone, and then guiding the hero via the Apple Watch as he or she travels lands, battles monsters, solves puzzles, and searches for treasures. Players are invited to play passively by selecting longer, easier quests and outfitting the hero up front or by taking on more difficult quests which require foraging for items as you go.”

– Wayforward Technologies, in a blog post

The free game will include one training quest with more characters and campaigns available to buy as Quest Packs within the iPhone app.


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