Paul Sams becomes Ready at Dawn CEO

Blizzard veteran Paul Sams has left the company to become the CEO of Ready at Dawn, the studio behind The Order: 1886.

Sams replaces Ru Weerasuriya, who is becoming chief creative officer.

As CCO, Weerasuriya will focus on the company’s creative aspects while Sams takes over daily business operations and will work on launching a new publishing arm in Austin, TX.

“We hope to not find ourselves in [the position of transferring ownership of The Order: 1886 to Sony] again.”

-Paul Sams, Ready at Dawn CEO

Sams spent 11 of his almost 20 years at Blizzard as their chief operating officer.

“You must put game quality and player experience first in everything that you do. Gamers are not driven to buy games because they have a clever business model, they buy games that are fun and immersive that deliver on what was promised.”

– Paul Sams

Ready at Dawn is “the most capable and highest potential independent game developer in our industry,” according to Sams.

Source: IGN


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