GameSentral Rewind #024: June 14, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

EVE Online players get to blow up game’s biggest ship after hitting charity goal

On July 4, EVE Online’s pilots will get to trash the Titan, one of the game’s famous supercapital ships, after raising over $20,000 in donations for cancer research.

This sacrificial Titan belongs to well-known player Dovinian, which is called the Dovibus, so EVE pilots turned up to back the Leukemia Cup Regatta, a sailboat race to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

The big blowup will be on July 4. Donovan raised $43,625 during the campaign that lasted until the start of the race.

Vive VR developer kits now going to studios: Valve


Valve is now shipping the developer edition of the HTC Vive, according to the company. The first to receive the virtual reality system will range from “major movie studios [and] triple A developers to small indie teams working on their first title.”

The kit includes a Vive headset along with two controllers and Lighthouse base stations. The package “will allow developers to target the same system consumers will have in their homes later this year,” according to Valve writer Chet Faliszek.

Only developers can post in the new Steam VR Hardware Group, according to Faliszek, but interested readers can still follow along with no restrictions.

PlayStation Now launches on Samsung smart TVs

PlayStation Now, Sony’s game streaming service, is now on more than Sony hardware – as it has come to select Samsung smart TVs in the US and Canada. This means that you won’t even need a console to play select PlayStation games, however, you will need a DualShock 4 controller.

Currently, the service lets players play over 100 PS3 games. Games are available as rentals or in a $19.99 monthly subscription. PlayStation Now will support trophies, online multiplayer, and cloud-based game saves on Samsung TVs.

Mega Man Legacy Collection remasters first six games this summer

Capcom will re-release Mega Man’s first six games and reinventing them with modern bonus features in the Mega Man Legacy Collection, according to the publisher.

The game will be digitally available this summer on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One for $14.99, with a digital Nintendo 3DS release coming in the winter.

Digital Eclipse Software, the studio behind the Sega Genesis Collection, is developing this collection. The company is using its new Eclipse engine, which “rebuilds the original games from their source elements,” according to Capcom.

“Movies have the Criterion Collection, but there hasn’t been anything like that for games. We’re living in the golden age of a brand new form of artistic expression, and we’re not doing a very good job of making sure our games will be available five years from now, let alone fifty. The more we can do right now to take video game preservation seriously, the safer our history will be.”

-Frank Cifaldi, Digital Eclipse Software restoration head

Along with high-definition versions of Mega Man through Mega Man 6, the Mega Man Legacy Collection will include a Challenge Mode, which will take sequences and pieces from the game and turn them into challenges. For example, players can try to fight all six Mega Man bosses in a row. The mode will also save and upload all replay data, so the world can watch your exploits.

In addition, each game will feature a database with an enemy list that will allow players to practice fighting a particular boss without having to play to that point. History buffs will also love the in-game museum, which will offer “an exhaustive collection of sketches, art and other visual materials,” according to Capcom. Digital Eclipse is scanning items into the game at “absurdly high resolutions” for the museum.

Quantum Break skipping E3, next update coming at Gamescom

Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment’s Xbox-exclusive transmedia video game and TV show, won’t be appearing at E3 this week, according to company chief creative officer Sam Lake.

Instead, the game’s next update will be at Gamescom in Germany.

Super Smash Bros. creator talks fighting game updates in pre-E3 presentation

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai will hold a video presentation today, June 14, to talk about the latest updates to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, according to Nintendo.

Sakurai’s presentation will be “all about new content,” begin at 10:40 AM ET and be broadcast through Nintendo’s E3 site.

Epic’s Fortnite coming to Mac, beta launching this fall


Fortnite, Epic Games’ upcoming free-to-play online shooter, will come to Mac in beta this fall, according to the company.

The game was revealed in July 2012, and has had multiple betas on Windows.

C-3PO will be in Star Wars: Battlefront


C-3PO will be in Star Wars Battlefront, according to a tweet from Anthony Daniels, the actor who played the droid for nearly 40 years.

Star Wars Battlefront is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, as well as set for a November 17th release.

Xbox One drops to $349, new 1TB version coming with new controller

The Xbox One has permanently dropped to $349, and a new version with a 1TB hard drive and new wireless controller with a built-in stereo jack, will launch June 16 for $399, according to Microsoft.

The console will also include Halo: The Master Chief Collection for a limited time.

The Xbox One 1TB edition will have a matte finish, a terabyte of storage, and come with the aforementioned redesigned Xbox One wireless controller that comes with a built-in 3.5mm stereo jack, which will let you plug your headset directly in to the controller. The new console will ship to the U.S. on the aforementioned date and later this month to “select markets.”

The controller, which will ship with all future consoles, is also available in black for $64.99.

With the updated controller, players will also have the option to adjust headset volume, mic monitoring, and voice and game audio balance through the console’s Settings menu.

The company has also increased the maximum audio volume on headsets used with the controller, according to Microsoft, based on fan feedback. All existing controller accessories will work with the updated controller.

The new controller also features “fine-tuned bumpers” for better performance along the entire bumper. Lastly, the updated controller allows for wireless firmware updates, eliminating the need to connect the controller to receive updates via USB cable.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows is coming this fall for $24.99 as a standalone, according to the company, and $79.95 with a controller. The adapter will let you “enjoy the freedom and convenience of the wireless controller on Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets.”

The adapter requires a USB 2.0 or later connection to work. Once connected, the controller will support in-game chat and stereo audio.

The Witcher 3 sells 4 million copies in two weeks


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has sold four million copies in two weeks, according to developer CD Projekt Red’s co-founder Marcin Iwinski.

“With the average of 90+ on every platform, Wild Hunt is our dream coming true. I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the four million gamers worldwide who bought The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in the first two weeks from launch.

“Four million RPG fans spending their hard-earned money on our game is a sign that we did something right, and you can be sure that we’ll harness all that positive energy and make the upcoming expansions worthy of the grand adventure that you’re telling us in Wild Hunt already is.”

-Marcin Iwinski, CD Projekt Red co-founder

One million pre-orders were sold by May 11, eight days before the game’s release.

Halo 5’s campaign stars multiple Spartans, one ODST, in both single-player, co-op


Halo 5: Guardians’ campaign will feature Master Chief and his Blue Team in both single-player and cooperative play, according to Game Informer’s July issue.

The Master Chief is joined by Linda, Kelly, and Fred. While the four Spartan II super soldiers have fought together in Halo’s expanded universe, Halo 5 will mark their first notable appearance together in a Halo game. They are the four members of Blue Team as it exists in the mid-26th century.

In solo play, according to Game Informer, Fred, Kelly, and Linda will appear in cutscenes and follow the Master Chief’s commands during the game. In co-op, each of the four players takes the role of one of the members of Blue Team, with unique loadouts for John, Kelly, Fred and Linda.

Halo 5’s campaign also stars Office of Naval Intelligence agent Jameson Locke, a playable character who aims to track down Master Chief and Blue Team. Agent Locke recruits his own mission squad: Fireteam Osiris, for the mission, according to Game Informer. The group consists of Spartan IV soldiers including Edward Buck, the Orbital Drop Shock Trooper featured in Halo 3: ODST.

Halo 5: Guardians will launch October 27 as an Xbox One-exclusive.

Maps free, Xbox Live Gold not needed for co-op

The game will launch with over 20 multiplayer maps, according to Game Informer, all of which will be free. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is not necessary for the online cooperative play accompanying the game’s campaign.

Another 15 DLC maps will be available by June 2016, according to Game Informer, along with dozens of other details concerning the story and Halo 5’s characters.

Microsoft will speak more about a “completely new, epic multiplayer experience” for the game at E3 that involves “all aspects of the Halo sandbox for the first time ever.”

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is next Mirror’s Edge

Mirrors Edge Catalyst

DICE has revealed that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is what the next Mirror’s Edge game will be called. Catalyst is “not a sequel” to the first game, according to senior producer Sara Jansson.

“The first game had a lot of promise. It was unlike anything else in terms of the gameplay and style – it had a unique soul. But as much as we loved that game, we knew it could be more. So that’s what we have set out to do as we introduce Mirror’s Edge to a new generation.

“The team has spent a lot of time reevaluating every aspect of the game and making it a new experience. This is not a sequel, this is not Mirror’s Edge 2. We have landed on a vision that honors the first game – pushing the boundaries of first person movement and diving deeper into the story behind our heroine Faith – but also brings a lot of great new, interesting gameplay and features to the experience for our players.”

-Sara Jansson, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst senior producer

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be present at E3 2015 next week at EA’s briefing Monday at 1PM PT (4PM ET, 9PM GMT).

The game is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4, Windows and Xbox One in early 2016.



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