LG 27MU67 monitor promises “exceptional” gaming performance

Andijack News

LG aims to take gamers’ experiences to a new level with the company’s 27MU67 4K Ultra HD monitor, which is rolling out now in markets worldwide. The 27-inch 16:9 display boasts a 3840×2160 screen resolution.

“A monitor with sharp picture quality, high field of view and less input lag is a must-have for today’s serious gamers. The LG 27MU67 not only delivers on all counts, it is an excellent 4K Ultra HD monitor for professionals and non-gamers alike who want to design, edit or just watch movies.”

-In-kyu Lee, LG Home Entertainment Company senior vice president, TV & Monitor division head

The monitor supports AMD’s FreeSync technology with a refresh range between 40 and 60Hz. FreeSync eliminates image-tearing and stuttering, which occurs when the monitor and graphics card are out of sync.

The LG 27MU67 offers both an In-Plane Switching panel and Dynamic Action Sync (DAS) mode, reducing input lag…

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