Retro City Rampage coming to MS-DOS

You may want to dust off your old Compaq because Retro City Rampage is coming to MS-DOS.  Vblank Entertainment’s homage to 8-bit video games and Grand Theft Auto is being retrofitted to work on an older platform in Retro City Rampage 486.

The game is a port of Retro City Rampage DX, the enhanced version of the original, and is a “full on” version that includes story mode, arcade challenges, and free-roam, according to the developer.

“While ROM City Rampage was a fun prototype for the NES, this is a full on Retro City Rampage DX port. It proudly demonstrates once again that RCR isn’t yet-another-retro-styled game, but something that could’ve actually been released in 1989.”

-Vblank Enteratinment, in a Facebook post

Retro City Rampage 486 will be free for owners of the Mac and Windows versions of the game. The port requires 4MB of RAM and 3.7MB of hard drive space.

Source: Polygon


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