GameSentral Rewind #029: July 14, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Corey Marshall returning for Shenmue 3

Shenmue 3

Corey Marshall, the actor who did English voice acting for Ryo Hazuki in the first two Shenmue games, is reprising his role for the third installment in the franchise, according to the game’s developers.

Marshall has also offered to “do a special voice message for [backers] as Ryo” if you donate $1,000 to Shenmue 3’s Kickstarter.

PlayStation Plus in July offers four PS4 titles free

In July, PlayStation Plus members will get their typical six games free for subscribing to the service, and this month the lineup is packed with indie games.

Four of the six games are PlayStation 4-playable:

  • Rocket League (Psayonix)
  • Styx: Master of Shadows (Cyanide Studio)
  • MouseCraft (Crunching Koalas)
  • Entwined (Pixelopus)

PlayStation 3 owners will get Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio’s Rain, and PlayStation Vita owners can get Lucid Games’ Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved. MouseCraft and Entwined are also available on PS3 and Vita.

PlayStation 4 has 70-90 percent of European console market: Ryan


In Europe, the PlayStation 4 is dominating console sales with 70-90 percent of the market’s market share, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan.

“We have a very significant market leadership. Well, we have market leadership in every country in Europe, and have very significant market leadership in continental Europe. Extremely significant. I don’t think market share’s any less than 70 percent, and frequently greater than 90 percent in continental Europe.”

-Jim Ryan, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president

As of March 31, Sony has sold over 22 million PlayStation 4s worldwide, while Microsoft has sold nearly 10 million Xbox Ones worldwide as of November.

Miiverse redesign coming; activity feed replaced, screenshot album added


Nintendo will be overhauling its Miiverse social platform this summer for the Wii U, replacing the activity feed with a play journal and adding a screenshot album, according to the company.

The screenshot album will hold up to 100 screenshots in a private album that can be used to “build up a collection of memories from the games you love,” according to the company.

The play journal will allow you to write journal entries about games as you play them. You can create an entry by opening the Miiverse in game. When you create the entry, it will automatically capture a screenshot of what was happening when you started journaling. Games that don’t support screenshot capture won’t include them in the entries.

The Miiverse will also categorize posts for games as play journal entries, drawings, or discussions.

Nintendo will also be increasing the number of posts a person can create in the Miiverse to 30/day. In-game posts won’t count towards that limit.

Valve International Dota 2 Championship prize pool hits $15M

Dota 2 Reborn

Valve’s International Dota 2 Championship prize pool has hit $15 million in total cash prizes for the tournament, easily beating last year’s final prize pool of $10.9 million.

The championship runs from August 3rd-8th.

PsyPod allows players to co-op against aliens


PsyPodScientist David Schwarz has made a co-op game where two players work together using brain controls.

In PsyPod, two players protect a baby robot. Using a special headset, they fight waves of enemies coming from both sides of the screen. Schwarz is using the game to entertain Duke University science camp visitors.

“Using an electoencephalography headset, you fire a beam that takes the power of a specific frequency in your brain and shoots it. Essentially, you shoot with your mind. I’m considering adding more polish. Once it’s in the best of shape, I’ll release the source and the game for free for schools to use to get kids engaged in neuroscience.”

-David Schwarz, PsyPod creator; scientist

Xbox reveals Gamescon plans

Phil Spencer

E3 2015 has come and gone, but Microsoft is looking forward to the next big show: Cologne. Germany’s Gamescom. The Redmond, WA-based company has revealed its plans for the show.

Xbox will hold its Gamescom 2015 media briefing on Tuesday, August 4th at 10AM ET (4PM CET, 3PM GMT, 7AM PT). The presentation will be broadcast on Xbox One, Xbox 360,, and on Windows Phone.

The company is promising to provide updates on Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Crackdown – three games that were absent from E3 – and some “exciting announcements.”

Star Wars Battlefront alpha goes live


Star Wars Battlefront’s closed alpha has went live on PC.

The game is in development by DICE and will launch in November on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One.

Fallout Shelter tentatively coming to Android in August


Fallout Shelter publisher Bethesda Softworks is planning to release the mobile companion game to Android in August, according to company vice president of marketing and public relations Pete Hines.

Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition announced; beta starts July 29


Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is the next iteration of the massively popular crafting game, with its beta launching on July 29th.

All 20 million players who have purchased the existing PC version of Minecraft will be able to download the new edition for free, while new buyers can pick it up for $10.

The game’s multiplayer mode will support Xbox Live and Pocket Edition’s friend communities, according to a press release from developer Mojang. A built-in recorder will allow players to share their gameplay highlights. Xbox One controllers are also supported.

This edition will be separated from the Windows 8.1 version of the game, according to Mojang, and is being built to take advantage of the new functionality in Windows 10.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will grace WWE 2K16’s cover

WWE 2K16

Stone Cold Steve Austin will appear on WWE 2K16’s cover, according to developer 2K Games.

The game will come to PlayStations 3 and 4 and Xboxes 360 and One on October 27th in North America and October 30th internationally.

Bungie launches new in-game rewards to mark Destiny’s one-year anniversary

Since Destiny launched last September, millions of people have played the game. Developer Bungie is paying tribute to those fans with new in-game items, according to the Bellevue, WA-based studio.

That includes a half-hour video showcasing players’ efforts in the game. Bungie also announced Moments of Triumph, a collection of 10 Destiny achievements covering the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Everything you’ve already done in the game counts toward the Moments of Triumph, so you might’ve already completed some objectives. Guardians can keep track of their progress on Bungie’s website, and if you achieve all of the goals by September 9thDestiny’s one-year anniversary – you will earn an in-game emblem.

You can also enter the Destiny Year One Art Contest from now until July 23rd based on the following prompt: “What has been your favorite thing about the first year of Destiny?” Images and video can be used to win. The creators of the 50 best submissions will get a Battlesmith shader, while the top seven will get a Collector’s Edition of The Taken King.

The studio has also added the new Armory hub to its website, which serves as a guide to all of the game’s weapons and armor, and is intended to help players make loadout and gear decisions.

“You are legendary. If you’ve created a Guardian in our world, you have made the game of Destiny better. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to play alongside you this year. You’re the reason why we do what we do.”

-David Dague, Bungie community manager

Destiny: The Taken King gets its own PS4 bundle

Destiny The Taken King PS4 bundle

Activision has teamed up with Sony to launch a limited-edition PlayStation 4 bundle for Destiny’s The Taken King expansion.

The top/right side of the console features the game’s map of the cosmos in gray, as well as a gold Guardian seal. The console includes a 500GB hard drive, a white controller, and a physical copy of The Taken King’s Legendary Edition. The package consists of The Taken King, the Destiny base game, and its two prior expansions. The bundle also comes with a token to upgrade to The Taken King’s digital collector’s edition.

The Collector’s Edition offers three exotic class items with XP bonuses, three class-specific emotes, three armor shaders, and the early access weapon pack.

The package will launch on September 15th, the same day as the standalone expansion.

Dragon Age: Inquisition ends PS3, 360 DLC; introduces gamesave migration to current-gen consoles


BioWare will no longer release downloadable content for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and introduce a save-importing feature for those who want to take their game saves to current-gen platforms.

The import/export feature will come in the game’s Patch 8 later this month, according to the Edmonton, Canada-based studio’s blog.

If a player bought the Jawks of Hakkon or Spoils of the Avvar DLC for the last-gen consoles, that content is free on the newer platforms if you use the same PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account to download it.

You can only import one gamesave at a time, as importing a second save file will overwrite the first.


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