Gary Carr departs Lionhead

Gary Carr, a longtime Lionhead creative director, has left the company after 12 years.

“We can confirm that Gary Carr, who played a lead role in Fable: The Journey, Milo & Kate¸ and The Movies, is no longer at Lionhead Studios.

“Gary has been a great friend and colleague during his tenure at Lionhead, and we appreciate his contributions to the team. We remain focused on the development of Fable Legends and have nothing further to share. We wish Gary the best in his next venture.”

-A Microsoft spokesperson

Carr is establishing his own independent studio, according to GameSpot.

He joined Bullfrog Productions in 1989, and left just before the studio was acquired in 1995. He then joined three other key Bullfrog developers in opening the independent Muckyfoot studio in Guildford.

Carr then joined Lionhead in 2003, become the studio’s most senior developer after Peter Molyneux departed in 2012.

Source: GameSpot


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