GameSentral Rewind #052

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Undertale’s first patch claims to fix bugs, but fans found hidden content


Toby Fox has launched the first update for indie hit Undertale, saying that it only fix bugs. However, some data miners have found that the patch adds new dialogue and secrets to unravel.

Included are some minor changes, like stat changes for bosses and other non-playable characters.

As promised, certain glitches have been fixed including those that were affected the game’s “pacifist” ending. Other changes include a difficult puzzle being made easier to solve, with Fox tweeting that blue attacks were slightly altered in color to help the colorblind see them better.

Five Nights at Freddy’s World launches early, comes to Steam

Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy’s World, the popular horror game franchise’s RPG spinoff, is available now on Windows. The game can be purchased now on Steam.

FNaF World is available now for $9.99.

Overwatch closed beta returning in February with new game mode, maps


According to game director Jeff Kaplan, Blizzard’s closed beta for team-based shooter Overwatch will return in mid-February with a new game mode and some new maps.

“Rather than try to rush a beta patch out this month, we’re going to take a few extra weeks before bringing the Closed Beta back. By doing so, we can make sure we can include the new game mode along with the new maps. This will also allow us to do some additional polish to the game’s progression and reward system. Though all these features will still technically be a work-in-progress during the beta, we’d like them to be at a certain quality bar before releasing them for testing.”

-Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director

Overwatch is expected to launch on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One this spring.

Rock Band 4’s next patch pushed back to February, updates moving to regular schedule

Rock Band 4

According to Harmonix, the Cambridge, MA-based company planned to release a Rock Band 4 update in Janauary as part of its monthly schedule, but the studio is pushing that patch back into the first week of February.

This is because Harmonix caught a bug in the patch’s finalization process. The patch will include fixes for “gnarly bugs” like score exploits, and will wipe the game’s online leaderboards.

“We had already ‘branched’ (locked feature changes) for the update, but this was important enough to add in anyway, post-branch.”

-Harmonix, in a blog post

The studio’s fix for the squeeze issue came through testing just fine, but they realized that the fix “inadvertently caused a bug related to [Overdrive].” This forced the development team to fix the bug and restart the testing process.

Harmonix planned to release the update by the end of January, but pushed it back to the first week of February. The studio will release both the patch and a new batch of songs at once next week.

With this update, Harmonix will move to a more well-defined Rock Band 4 patch schedule with updates pushing out about a month apart.

“We can’t promise they’ll always be in the first week, because things do happen, but our targets are for the first half of every month.”


The studio is working to get song exports for the original Rock Band working for PlayStation 4 owners in Europe and Xbox One owners worldwide. The feature went live last week for North American PS4 users.

Backward compatible Xbox games now rolling out when ready

Xbox Game Preview

According to Microsoft, Xbox One owners will be treated to new games as they’re ready.

The Redmond, WA-based company also unveiled a handful of Xbox 360 games that made its way to the Xbox Marketplace. Here’s the full list:

  • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
  • Sam & Max Save the World
  • Aegis Wing
  • Counter-Strike: GO
  • Age of Booty
  • Space Giraffe
  • Soulcalibur
  • Skullgirls
  • Jeremy McGrath’s Offroad
  • Small Arms

Sega bringing Sega 3D Classics Collection to North American 3DSes

Sega 3D Classics Collection

According to a statement from the company, Sega will bring its 3D Classics line of old-school arcade and console games for Nintendo 3DS to retail on April 26 in North America for $29.99.

Some of the titles included in the Sega 3D Classics Collection are already available a la carte on Nintendo’s North American 3DS eShop. Power Drift and Puyo Puyo 2 have never been released outside of Japan, while Maze Walker and Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa-Opa haven’t hit the eShop yet.

Here’s what’s included in Sega 3D Classics Collection:

  • Power Drift (Arcade)
  • Puyo Puyo 2 (Arcade)
  • Maze Walker (Master System)
  • Fantasy Zone 2: The Tears of Opa-Opa (Master System)
  • Fantasy Zone 2 W (Master System/Arcade)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis)
  • Thunder Blade (Arcade)
  • Galaxy Force 2 (Arcade)
  • Altered Beast (Genesis)

Destiny announces two limited-time events

Destiny Beta

Two new limited time events have been announced for Destiny: Valentine’s Day-themed Crimson Days, and the latest Iron Banner.

Crimson Days is “on a scale close to Festival of the Lost,” according to an update posted by Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague.

Crimson Days will launch on Feb. 9th and last for one week, going live around Destiny’s planned February update. The setup is two-on-two with a “special twist born of new gameplay and mechanics that only battle-tested star-crossed lovers will appreciate,” according to Bungie.

Bungie will bring Iron Banner back next week, with Rift being the focus. The event will run from 10 a.m. PT (1 p.m. ET) on Jan. 26 until 12 a.m. PT (3 a.m. ET) on Feb. 2 (Feb. 3). Iron Banner rewards include gear to help your Guardian get up to 320 Light.


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