GameSentral Rewind #056

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Bethesda working on three new projects


Fallout and The Elder Scrolls designer Todd Howard teased three new Bethesda Game Studios projects during his talk at the 2016 DICE Summit.

“We actually have three longer-term projects that are all different from anything we’ve done before while also being a Bethesda style game: big and crazy, but in many ways different from what we’ve done before.”

-Todd Howard; Fallout, the Elder Scrolls designer

Hitman’s live events include new modes, limited time challenges


After launching its first installment this spring, Hitman will receive a variety of real-time modes and challenges as part of its “live component.”

According to a post on its Steam community forum, Elusive Targets will be added to the game on a rotating basis for a limited time. These are custom characters that appear in various game locations that players have a single chance to eliminate. A briefing video explains who and where the characters are and why the player has to take them out, but once Agent 47 heads to that location, you’ll have to rely on clues to actually find the target.

Killing the wrong person leads to game over, and players are rewarded for successfully completing several of these Elusive Target quests with new suits based on previous Hitman games.

Also new is Escalation Mode, which comprises stage-based challenges. These require the player to fulfill contracts with increasingly specific requirements, like time limits or taking someone out while wearing a certain costume, according to the post. Escalation Mode missions are replayable, with scores being collected on a leaderboard.

Contracts Mode will return to Hitman after being in Hitman: Absolution. Players can set up their own missions with custom marks to take out and conditions under which others must do so. Developer IO Interactive will feature the most popular of these player-created contracts on a regular basis.

The developer also hopes to include live challenges based on how the community plays the game.

“At this stage, Community-inspired challenges are just one of the ideas we are working on to keep the game fresh and live as we go through the season.”

-IO Interactive, Hitman developer

The feature is currently in testing.

Much of this content will be made available in-between Hitman’s episodic releases.

Hitman launches this spring digitally, but will be available later this year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One once the game’s available in full.

February Xbox update launching this week with social enhancements

February Xbox One update

Microsoft is rolling out its February Xbox update across Windows 10 and the Xbox One this week, bringing new features to users like the ability to see who’s in a party and rearrange homescreen pins, according to the company.

The system update is launching now in the Xbox Windows 10 app, and will launch tomorrow on the Xbox One.

On the Xbox One, the February update is focused on new social elements like allowing you to see who’s in a party before you join. You’ll also be able to track your achievement progress relative to your friends with the new Gamerscore leaderboard.

Other new features include notifications for new items in the Activity Feed plus the ability to rearrange pinned items on the dashboard. Microsoft has also brought back the option to hide games from the “ready-to-install” list, and introduced a dashboard shortcut for redeeming Xbox Games Store codes. In addition, there are now easier ways to join Twitch broadcasts and the ability to program hotkeys on the Xbox One Chatpad.

Updates coming to both the Xbox One and the Xbox app include the Avatar Store; news updates, trending topics, and suggested friends in the Activity Feed; and accessories app update.

Also in the Xbox app, a new “compact mode” adds quick access to important features while you’re multitasking.

League of Legends 2016 World Championship taking place this fall across North America

League of Legends World Championship

According to a League of Legends ESports site post, the World Championship tournament will take place in various locations across North America this year.

The competition begins with Group Stages Sep. 29-Oct. 2 and Oct. 6-Oct.9 at San Francisco’s Graham Civic Auditorium. Quarterfinals run from Oct. 13-16 at Chicago’s Chicago Theatre. Four qualifying teams will head to semifinals Oct. 21-22 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The final two teams will meet up on Oct. 29 at Los Angeles’ Staples Center.


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