Out of the Park Baseball 17 launches March 22 with real players in lineup

Out of the Park Baseball, the acclaimed PC management simulation, will return for opening day with Out of the Park Baseball 17, the first edition of the series licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

This makes the third current and fully licensed MLB video game for consoles and PC.

The game focuses on personnel management – acquisition, development, scouting, and trading – than in-game action. The addition of a MLB license means that real players’ images will appear throughout the game’s basic roster, along with their ratings and other attributes.

This year, Out of the Park Baseball 17 launches on Windows, Mac and Linux on March 22. The game will receive a full roster update reflecting the real-world opening day 40-man rosters of all 30 clubs, along with their minor league systems. Additionally, minor league systems will be intact and accurate for those that start major league franchises from as far back at 1919.

Out of the Park Baseball 17 will also include independent minor leagues in the United States and international professional leagues from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, Australia, and The Netherlands with real players.

Source: Polygon



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