New maps, weapons coming in Halo 5 April update

Halo 5’s Ghosts of Meridian update is coming in April with new maps, vehicles, weapons, and armor.

Developer 343 Industries is introducing Forge improvements, Warzone and Arena multiplayer adjustments, sandbox and weapon updates, and UI updates.

Among the new REQs coming in the update are a sleek DYNAST armor, Hannibal skins for Halo 5’s Scorpion and Mantis vehicles, and Tartarus’ Gavel.

Available now in the Big Team Battle and Grifball playlists, new community maps are being featured in 343 Industries’ community spotlight. Altar is a Big Team Battle map that’s a reimagining of Halo 3’s Sandtrap. Nine of the new maps are Griffball courts.

Source: IGN


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