Heroes of the Storm ranked-play overhaul kicks off in June with first season

Heroes of the Storm’s ranked play is getting an overhaul in mid-June, according to Blizzard, introducing the game’s first ranked season with new tiers, divisions, and other features.

The tier-and-division system will broadly separate players according to skill level and then, within that, note how close those players are to being promoted or demoted to a different tier, ranging from Bronze to Diamond.

The top Master tier will display rank differently. Masters will have a badge showing how many rank points they’ve accumulated in that season’s Master league. Grand Masters are Master league members who are the top 500 point earners in their region. Their badge will note that numerical rank, which is updated daily.

Because of the new tiering system, only players within one league tier of one another will be able to queue together as a party in Hero League matches. Placement matches at the beginning of the season will determine where players go, and in those, only players playing their placement matches can party up.

Additionally, players under a silence penalty for bad behavior will no longer be able to queue up in Hero League until that penalty expires.

According to Blizzard, seasons will conclude with “epic rewards,” which can double up if they’re playing in both Team and Hero League. The post announcing the new changes revealed some pre-season loot Heroes of the Storm will be dropping top-ranked players before the season gets underway.

Source: Polygon


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