Ubisoft reveals The Division 1.2 update gear sets

The Division’s version 1.2/Conflict update won’t launch until tomorrow (May 24), but Ubisoft has given fans a sneak peak of the new gear sets on Twitter.

Ubisoft shared an image of the four sets: Hunter’s Faith (Long Range), Lone Star (DPS), Final Measure (Defensive), and Predator’s Mark (Support).

Here’s a breakdown:

Hunter’s Faith

  • 20 percent Marksmen Rifle critical hit damage
  • 20 percent damage to elites
  • Hitting an enemy with a bullet grants you temporary armor. The further your shot, the more armor. The armor disappears after one bullet hits you.

Lone Star

  • 100 percent ammo capacity
  • 1000 LMG damage
  • 1000 shotgun damage
  • When the weapon is holstered, it regains full ammo

Final Measure

  • 50 percent exotic damage resilience
  • 15 percent protection from elites
  • When throwing a grenade, gain the defuse buff. When in range of a hostile grenade, the buff is consumed and defuses the grenade as well as gives you a grenade

Predator’s Mark

  • 20 percent optimal range
  • 800 Assault Rifle damage
  • 700 Pistol damage
  • Hit 10 shots without switching target to make the target bleed for 100 percent of damage already done by those bullets

The update will launch across Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, in an attempt to draw lapsed players back after reaching the end of the game’s campaign.

“We created that beautiful world that players really enjoyed exploring during the levelling experience, but it’s true that when you reach the end of the game, there is not much to do in the open world.”

-Quentin Correggi, The Division project coordinator

1.2/Conflict also introduces a new Clear Sky incursion, along with new PvE features like High-Level Targets and Search and Destroy missions. Finally, the Dark Zone is getting a new “hijack” feature, allowing players to disrupt an extraction.


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