GameSentral Rewind #067

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Overwatch tweaks coming for McCree, D.Va, Reaper


Blizzard’s latest shooter Overwatch is already planning for a raft of changes for three of the game’s 21 characters.

“[McCree]’s probably a bit too good at dealing damage to higher health targets such as Tanks and barriers. I don’t have any concrete changes yet, but I’m going to be testing some things internally to see how he plays.”

-Geoff Goodman, Overwatch designer

According to Goodman, the power of the fan the hammer attack is more likely to see changes than the flashbang element.

“I do think there is some room for some D.Va improvements, but these are unlikely to take the shape of increasing her damage output significantly.

“The goal is that she should be a viable aggressive initiation tank, much like Winston can be right now, rather than some sort of beefy flying assassin. So any changes will likely be helping her in that direction.”

-Geoff Goodman

The last character to get changes will be the gaseous shotgun-toting Reaper. Unlike most, the effects of his attacks aren’t colorcoded based on what team he’s on, which can lead to a mild fright over what’s exactly a friendly attack.

“Our VFX lead, Nick, made a change so that allied Reapers will have blue coloring to their effects. It actually looks pretty cool – it’s an overall improvement.”

-Jeff Kaplan, Overwatch director

Kaplan also addressed shortcomings in the game’s Highlight feature, which archives up to five clips of your recent top plays. However, in the game’s current version, these can only be saved or exported with console sharing options or third-party software.

“Our hope and what we’re working toward is to allow players to save highlights or export them to a video format someday.”

-Jeff Kaplan

Finally, lead software engineer Rowan Hamilton has indicated that the team “constantly” looks at how to improve the Play of the Game highlights to showcase important moments from the match.

“It’s a really hard problem to have a computer figure out what is cool. They’re not very smart. It’s going to be an ongoing process, and hopefully we continue to improve it.

“At [one] point when we were tweaking it, Zenyatta would almost always get Play of the Game every time he would just do this massive amount of healing and the algorithm would almost always freak out, but it was just Zenyatta just sitting there floating.”

-Rowan Hamilton, Overwatch lead software engineer

PlayStation Plus’ June free games revealed

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to NBA 2K16 and Gone Home: Console Edition on PlayStation 4 this month.

Endochrome and episodes one through twelve of Siren: Blood Curse will be free on PlayStation 3, while God of War: Chains of Olympus and Little Deviants will be available on PlayStation Vita.

Goldberg revealed as WWE 2K17 pre-order bonus


WWE and WCW icon Goldberg will be the pre-order bonus character for WWE 2K17.

According to publisher 2K, Goldberg will appear through two playable characters representing both his WWE and WCW characters.


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