GameSentral Rewind 078

Editor’s Note: This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

E3 2016: Spider-Man PS4 trailer was running in-game on current-gen console

Insomniac’s Spider-Man reveal trailer from E3 2016 (embedded above) was recorded in-game, in real time from a standard PS4, according to a tweet from developer Insomniac Games.

The game will focus on a more experienced Peter Parker, and will have no connection to Spider Man: Homecoming.

Warcraft become most successful video game movie ever


Warcraft has claimed more money at the box office than any ever video game adaptation.

The film has fared extremely well in China, according to Box Office Mojo, contributing over $200 million to its $377.6 million worldwide earnings. That sets it above Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, which made $335 million ($370 million when adjusting for inflation) in 2010.

Nintendo NX won’t be digital-only console

Nintendo’s NX will use some sort of physical media, according to GameSpot.

The gaming retailer’s CEO Paul Raines revealed the tidbit during the company’s investor earnings call last month.

“It will have physical media, we will play a role in it, our pre-owned business will also play a role.”

-Paul Raines, GameStop CEO



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