This Week on GameChops: September 9, 2016

Disclosure: GameSentral is a proud member of the GameChops Ambassador Program. Paw Print Media (our parent company) is receiving no revenue from GameChops for these posts, and all opinions expressed are the author’s.

On the Wings of Dreams

Classic SEGA game NiGHTS Into Dreams gets the remix treatment from DM Dokoro, with mixing from Hyper Potions’ Kevin Villecco, and mastering from GameChops veteran bLiNd.

The track is available now from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and Loudr.

Rating: Buy!

Elysian Sky

In his sophomore GameChops release, Varien delivers this Metroid-inspired dubstep track to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

The video above also features footage from Rainfall Films’ Metroid fan film The Sky Calls.

Rating: Stream

PokeBike (the video)

Lastly, Grimecraft‘s Pokemon classic PokeBike (from his 2013 Pokep EP) got a fresh music video.

You can grab it for free on Bandcamp.

Rating: Buy (obviously)


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