Tethered launching Oct. 25 on PlayStation VR

Tethered, a strategy game where you play a Spirit Guardian that strives to restore balance to your world, launches on Oct. 25 for PlayStation VR.

The Spirit Guardians have been imprisoned inside ancient, collapsed Totems and only you remain free. The once beautiful floating islands of the universe now drift unguarded – ravaged by creatures of the night. You must wield your elemental powers and gather enough Spirit Energy to release the Guardians and restore balance to the land.

To accomplish this quest, you’ll need help from The Peeps.

The game has 13 hand-painted sky islands for you to complete by gathering enough Spirit Energy on each island to fill the Totem and release the Spirit Guardian imprisoned within.

In the game, you control everything through the Tethering mechanic that allows “natural and instinctive control over the world you inhabit.”

During daylight, you command your Peeps to gather Spirit Energy and resources to improve your industry or defenses before the resource-hungry creatures emerge from the island’s dark underbelly once night falls.

As a Spirit, you can tether sun, rain, ice, and wind clouds to help the Peeps grow strong or smite foes.

Peeps can also be promoted into a specialist profession. Once your specialist buildings have been constructed, new opportunities will open up for you and your faithful subjects.

Your infrastructure will start small and simple, with a Farm or a Moot Hall here and there, but all building types can be upgraded and improved. Build an Armory and you can promote Heroes, then upgrade that Armory to a Pyromancer to arm those heroes with explosive ranged projectiles.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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