This Week on GameChops: Oct. 31, 2016

Disclosure: GameSentral is a proud member of the GameChops Ambassador Program. GameChops does not provide any funding to Paw Print Media (our parent company), and all opinions express are our own.


Celebrate the spookiest time of them all with this eight-track album of spooky dance remixes from Grimecraft, Chjolo, Arcien, CG5, Cement City, Mykah, and James Landino taking inspiration from Final
Fantasy VII
, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Ducktales, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Tetris, Castlevania, and Pokemon respectively. Check out the album now on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon (it should roll out to Spotify soon).

Aquatic Ambience

Grimecraft has returned to GameChops with a remix of Donkey Kong Country that’s absolutely bananas. Check the track out now on YouTube (above), iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.


Doom’s metal soundtrack got a chiptune infusion thanks to Master Boot Record in this GameChops Spotlight.


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