GameSentral Rewind 109

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

State of Decay 2 play area ‘substantially larger’ than first game


Undead Labs CEO Jeff Strain has revealed some new details about the sequel to State of Decay, including a few new pieces of concept art.

For starters, the game will support four-player co-op, and will be in a new, bigger town than the first game.

“The millions of State of Decay players have been clear about what they want in State of Decay 2: A bigger, better State of Decay they can play with their friends. We intend to deliver on all of those.”

-Jeff Strain, Undead Labs CEO

Speaking of friends, Foge confirmed that friends could become hostile suddenly especially considering the fact that the series is based on managing relationships with your fellow survivors.

“The primary goal for multiplayer is that other players bring an interesting new dynamic to the simulation. The heart of State of Decay is consequences, and we need to make sure that other players are more than just an awesome addition to moment-to-moment gameplay; they need to become a part of the story based on the agency they have in your world.

“Your guests cannot say ‘screw it, I’m taking this to PvP-town!’ and directly attack you or any of your community members, because State of Decay 2 isn’t a PvP game. They can’t go into your base and tear down all of your facilities. But there are plenty of ways that they can be a hostile force in your world because they can directly affect the simulation in meaningful ways.”

-Jeff Strain

Strain also confirmed that the game “encourage[s] teamwork and cooperation.”

“That said, ‘encouraging’ is not the same as ‘forcing.’ You will be free to get in a car and go anywhere you like, just as you would if you were playing by yourself.

“There may be times when it’s tactically advantageous to do so.”

–  Jeff Strain

The game moved away from the CryEngine-based technology that powered the first game to Unreal Engine 4 in State of Decay 2. For players, this leads to improved visuals and efficiency in creating content.

“For the requirements of State of Decay 2, [Unreal Engine 4] gives us the tools and tech we need to create higher resolution environments and characters with more sophisticated lighting, shaders, and effects. Our art director Doug calls the artistic style for State of Decay ‘faded Americana,’ and one of the key aspects of that is a painted style and color palette reminiscent of the old Kodak Ektachrome film. UE4 gives us the tools to get closer to realizing that style on your screen.

“UE4 has sophisticated tools, such as Blueprint, that support rapid prototyping and feature development. That makes it far easier for us to add new content and features to the game, both before and after release.”

-Jeff Strain

Capcom to begin reviving dormant franchises


Capcom will now begin a process of “reviving series that have not had new entries recently.”

According to the publisher, it’s looking to “enhance its corporate value even further by utilizing its library of rich contents” after announcing Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite (the series’ first entry in five years) at PlayStation Experience over the weekend.

Potential revivals include the likes of Mega Man, Onimusha, Power Stone, Viewtiful Joe, and Dino Crisis.


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