This Week on GameChops: Dec. 8, 2016

This Week on GameChops,  Undertale, Zelda, Metroid, Terraria, and Yoshi get remixed.

You’re Gonna Have a Jazz Time

Ralfington remixed Undertale‘s Megalovania theme with a jazz/breakbeat flair. Check it out here.

Gerudo Valley

Terlia makes her GameChops debut with this electro house remix of The Legend of Zelda, featuring a music video by Dj CUTMAnN and FuNipz. Check it out here.

Retroid Prime

DJ-R, the artist formally known as JRazz, returns to GameChops with his dark synthwave remix of Metroid Prime. Check it out here.


Trap prodigy CG5 continues his reign at GameChops with this remix of Terraria‘s jungle theme. Download it for free here.

Yoshi’s New Story

GameChops Spotlight continues with this highlight from Tenkitsune. Released by Tiny Waves, this glitch hop futurebass Yoshi’s Story remix doesn’t fail to put a smile on your face. It’s a free download here.

Last Goodbye

Lastly, Hyleo makes his GameChops debut with this happy hardcore remix of Undertale‘s Last Goodbye theme. This track is a serious banger that will please anyone that’s way too deep into the Undertale fandom. Check it out here.

For more great video game remixes as they are released, be sure to subscribe to our friends at GameChops.


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