Kilgore confirmed as Killer Instinct DLC character

Kilgore will join the growing roster for Microsoft’s free-to-play fighting game Killer Instinct in January, according to developer Iron Galaxy. More details on how to unlock him will be shared in the coming weeks.

He has machine guns for arms, and there will be “opportunities” to compete against Kilgore before he launches for everyone, according to Killer Instinct community manager Rukari Austin.

Update 3.6 is now available for the game as well, adding new features like the ability to choose Survival vs AI or Shadows without owning a Shadow. Additionally, a series of new skills are unlockable, including gold and platinum ones.

The update also makes breaking a combo restore 50 percent of potential damage, down from 100 percent and passive potential damage regeneration begins after three seconds, up from one second.

Source: GameSpot


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