This Week on GameChops: Dec. 27, 2016


CG5 returns to GameChops with his debut EP, Alola, remixing a selection of tracks from Pokemon with his signature flare.


  • Snowpoint City (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl)
  • Littleroot Town ft. Grimecraft (Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire)
  • Team Skull (Pokemon Sun & Moon)
  • Team Rocket (Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen)
  • Elite Four (Pokemon Sun & Moon)

Check it out here.

The Real KoniKoni Blues

Italian disco house/future funk producer RobKTA remixes Pokemon Sun & Moon‘s KoniKoni City theme with an analog infused bouncy house style. Check it out here.


Flexstyle has made his return to GameChops with a icy chill trip hop/glitch pop remix of Undertale‘s Megalovania theme. Check it out here.

JoZU Music

From the folks at GameChops comes JoZU Music, a new label focused on anime remixes, nightcore, future funk, and cute music, launching with new music every day for two weeks starting Jan. 1. Subscribe to JoZU’s YouTube channel here.


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