Pokemon Emerald speedrun ends in under three hours

Pokemon Emerald made its debut at this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick on Jan. 9, with runner Anthony “thetyrant14” Rosner playing the entire game in two hours, 56 minutes. While that’s nothing groundbreaking, Rosner’s journey is special for several reasons including the fact that he used a whopping two Pokemon for the bulk of his playthrough.

Rosner played Emerald with starter Pokemon Mudkip for most of the game. The run was glitchless, guided only by the nuances of the game to get to Victory Road. It’s also an Any% run, the most common speedrun type with a limited number of restrictions.

According to Rosner, picking the female protagonist makes for a faster game. There’s less stat variance for Mudkip and less text to read through.

Source: Polygon



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