This Week on GameChops: Feb. 5, 2017

This is JoZU

Dj CUTMAN performed tunes from both GameChops and JoZU Music at MAGFest 2017 in National Harbor, MD last month. The annual music and gaming festival celebrates video game music with events like Video Game DJ Battle to an audience of thousands in person and on Twitch.

Cutman performed this set live during the battle, with footage coming from Kenzie Black, Robert Hoang, Kevin Villecco and the MAGFest stream by Mediatron. Stage visuals were produced in real-time by Pixel Seed. To see the full DJ battle featuring Grimecraft, A_Rival, and DJ Jo, check it out here and download Cutman’s set here.

Here’s the tracklist:

  • 00:00 Arcien – Reunited
  • 02:38 Freezer – Falling Down
  • 05:04 Freezer – F**kin’ Life
  • 06:40 Arcien – Hopes and Dreams
  • 09:41 Nanobii – RAVE, OK!
  • 10:50 Getty – Jumper
  • 13:28 Trey Frey – Escape from Love
  • 14:32 Hyleo – Last Goodbye
  • 15:55 Freezer – Vine Thicket
  • 18:31 Arcien – The Moon
  • 20:24 Srav3R – Disco Light
  • 22:55 You – Honey Pallet
  • 26:04 The Living Tombstone – I Can’t Fix You feat. Crusher P
  • 27:28 Dj CUTMAN – Gotta Catch ‘Em All
  • 28:32 Dj CUTMAN – Viridian City
  • 30:55 Nanobii – Popsicle Beach
  • 32:26 Seventhrun – GroundShaker
  • 34:52 Arcien – Elevate
  • 37:35 Tenkitsune – Happiness Adventure

JoZU Music

Over on JoZU, enjoy a new liquid drum and bass track from loopcoda and a tropical house track from Stereoman & Yunomi.

This Week on GameChops releases every Sunday here on GameSentral, but be sure to subscribe to both GameChops and JoZU Music to be the first to know when new releases drop.



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