GameSentral Rewind 123

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Xbox One getting built-in tournaments feature this month


The Xbox One experience continues to change, and Microsoft is adding to it by rolling out Arena, custom gamerpics, and more to Xbox Insiders this month.

The Arena tournaments feature will let Xbox One players participate in competitions from the console’s dashboard.

In addition, custom gamerpics will let you upload an image for your avatar from Xbox One, Windows 10, or your smartphone. According to Xbox Wire, your profile will also soon allow you to join a broadcast and view tournament history.

Microsoft will also finally allow for filtering of Xbox One and 360 games in My Games and Apps.

A laundry list of tweaks are on the way regarding Clubs and Looking for Group. For example, there will be vetting cards for LFG post creators, you’ll find LFG posts from the Achievement tab, and clubs can upload custom pics, just like you can for profiles.

There’s no timetable on when these changes are set to come to non-Insiders.

Xbox One is also getting a new guide in the new future, along with other additions.

For Honor player estimates it’ll take 2.5 years to earn every unlock without paying


Reddit user bystander007 has calculated how long it would take a “casual” player (someone that plays around two hours a day playing the game, including completing daily missions to earn around 1,200 Steel [in game currency] a day).

“Casual players would spend nearly 2.51 years trying to get all unlocks. And hardcore grind players would need to spend close to 326.37 days. This equation ignores disconnects, down servers, and all DLC/update content.”

-Bystander007, on Reddit

These estimates also don’t ignore DLC – with six more heroes on the way, and each hero costing around 91,000 Steel to completely unlock, that adds over a year to the base casual player calculation.

If you did decide to spend the required money on every unlock (without DLC), you’ll need to lay down $732.

Upcoming Dead Rising 4 DLC includes Zombie Frank, Mini Golf


Dead Rising 4 will receive two new DLC packs in the new future, with one including Frank West as a zombie.

Called Frank Rising, the single-player expansion sees Frank infected and trying to find a cure. He’ll have to feed on others for survival instead of consuming food. However, he’ll have new abilities and strength when the DLC arrives April 4.

Also on the way for the game is Super Ultra Dead Rising Mini Golf. Specialized golf clubs and balls will let you hit the links and zombies at the same time. Plus, there are power-ups and online multiplayer options.

Both add-ons are included with the season pass. Otherwise, they are $10 each.

They follow the new Dead Rising 4 difficulty modes – and the Street Fighter outfits – that launched earlier this year.


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