This Week on GameChops: Apr. 23, 2017

So it’s been a while. Anyways, GameChops didn’t stop realizing music during my unplanned hiatus from this here series so here’s a look at what you may have missed:

Deep Sea Blues

Prototype Raptor‘s remix of Crypt of the Necrodancer from OverClocked Remix gets spotlighted. Buy the remix album here from Bandcamp.

Big Snowman

Hyper Potions‘ original tune inspired by Snowboard Kids, Big Snowman, gets spotlighted.

Zelda remixes

We have a double-dose of Zelda remixes here. First up is Mykah‘s A Link to the Past inspired electro house track. Buy it here.

Meanwhile, Chime remixes Breath of the Wild‘s Talus Battle theme with a melodic dubstep/complextro vibe. Download it here (with a subscription to Chime on YouTube).

Wave Race 64


A classic track from Nintendo 64 game Wave Racer gets remixed by James Landino with guitar work from Danimal Cannon. Download it here.

No Words to Comfort Thee

Dj RoboRob makes his GameChops debut with this deep house remix of Chrono Trigger‘s main theme. Buy it here.

Aqua Kong

RobKTA‘s funky deep house track from Dank EP, the Donkey Kong-inspired EP from Materia Collective & Tiny Waves, gets spotlighted. Download the EP here.

Undertale Main Theme

dj-Jo‘s remix of Undertale‘s main theme gets spotlighted. Download it here.

New on JoZU

Enjoy the following tracks from JoZu Music:


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