PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds hosting charity event in May

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene has announced that a charity invitational will take place May 4 from 6-9pm GMT (1-4pm ET, 10-1pm PT) in Europe and 5pm-8pm ET (2-5pm PT, 10pm-1am May 5 GMT) in North America.

According to a blog post on the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds website, the event will be split into two sessions for each regions with 128 streamers participating in total. Each session will host 64 players in duos mode only, which works out to 32 teams per region. After each region completes a three-match set, the winner will be chosen based on highest overall placement.

All money raised during the event will go to Gamers Outreach, an organization dedicated to providing “equipment, technology, and software” to children in hospitals.

“Ever since I started the Battle Royale game mode back in Arma 2, I have always wanted to use my game mode to help those in need when possible.”

-Brendan Greene, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator

The first four North American teams were announced on the game’s Twitter account:

Source: IGN


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