FuturLab’s slot-car racer Tiny Trax coming to PlayStation VR

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, FuturLab has announced slot-car racing game Tiny Trax to PayStation VR.

According to game designer Dave Gabriel, Tiny Trax “expands the slot-car experience” by adding new skills to learn like lane switching, boost, and a drifting mechanic to recharge the boost gauge.

“Steer your car as if it were radio controlled, zipping along walls, dunking underwater, flying overhead, and looping upside-down through ice-caves and space stations!”

-Dave Gabriel, Tiny Trax director

The game features 12 tracks in environments like tropical beaches, forgotten ruins, and alien planets and a soundtrack from Joris de Man of Horizon Zero Dawn fame.

You can choose among six vehicles to race against AI or up to four friends online in single races or tournaments, posting high scores to leaderboards. According to Gabriel, the game was designed to give “100% VR comfort time […] so you can replay as much as you need to improve your times.”

We expect to hear more on Tiny Trax at E3.

Source: PlayStation Blog


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