GameSentral Rewind 129: EA Play 2017

This is a special edition of the GameSentral Rewind, focusing on EA Play 2017.

Madden NFL 18 gets new Longshot campaign

Madden NFL 18 will get a new campaign mode, called Longshot.

Taking cues from sports films and shows like Friday Night Lights, the mode follows a young prospect as he rises through the ranks.

The mode stars Mahershala Ali (of Moonlight, Luke Cage, and House of Cards fame), who will help players persevere and grind their way into the NFL.

It seems that college football will be part of the equation here, with Oregon and Texas shown off in the trailer. This comes after a lawsuit caused EA to put its NCAA Football series on indefinite hiatus, and similar experiences coming to NBA 2K and FIFA.

Scorpio gameplay

EA executive vice president Patrick Soderlund introduced a series of still images and two rotating skills from Madden’s replay camera. This offered a first look at the power and capability of the Project Scorpio console that we will see further at Microsoft’s keynote at 2pm PT (5pm ET, 11pm GMT).

“We are already creating the most detailed high-resolution environments you could see on a console.”

-Patrick Soderlund, EA executive vice president

Scorpio is being built to deliver 4K gameplay in most titles.

Madden NFL 18 launches August 25 on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady on the cover.

Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar DLC revealed

EA shared the first details on Battlefield 1’s upcoming expansion, In the Name of the Tsar, which is available as part of the game’s Premium Pass.

The DLC will include six maps as well as new vehicles, a new mode called Supply Drop, and 11 new weapons. You’ll play as the Russian Army, including the Women’s Battalion of Death, which marks the first time in series history that a female character is playable.

EA also announced monthly updates for Battlefield 1 including new maps and events. Two more maps will launch this summer: Nivelle Nights in June, and Prise de Tahure in July. Both of them feature night versions.

FIFA 18 continues Alex Hunter’s Journey

FIFA 18 will continue the journey of fictional player Alex Hunter, a Premier League footballer, as he weighs with the scrutiny of his growing reputation and the decision of either staying in the Premier League or jumping across the pond to Major League Soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s specific form and play style was also captured for FIFA 18.

The game will run on the Frostbite engine for the second consecutive year.

FIFA 18 launches September 26 in the US and September 29 worldwide, although early access will let fans play three days early.

Need for Speed Playback

Need for Speed Payback, the latest installment in the storied racing franchise, showed more of what it has to offer in the new Highway Heist trailer.

Developer Ghost Games showed the series’ new heist missions along with more familiar racing components and increased customization. The Relic system, where classic cars are revitalized in-game, was also shown off.

Payback will involve three playable characters and an action-flick storyline when it launches November 10 on PS4, Windows, and Xbox One.

Brothers creator returns with A Way Out

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator Josef Fares revealed A Way Out.

The co-op adventure game is the first project for Hazelight Studios and centers around two inmates, Leo and Vincent, as they attempt to break out of prison.

A Way Out is due out in early 2018.

SEED is stealthy, high-tech incubator inside EA

We got a brief look at EA’s new Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division (SEED), an internal incubator focused on cutting edge technology.

Soderlund described the team as a small, stealthy team that’s exploring “visionary content” including deep learning, neural networks, and virtual humans.

“We want to blur the line between reality and the virtual world. What if instead of giving millions of players control of a single virtual character, we had games will millions of characters shaped by you, our players?”

-Patrick Soderlund, EA executive vice president

BioWare announces Anthem


BioWare revealed its latest game, Anthem.

Details are slim, but the teaser (embedded above) shown during the event included the line “the wall protects us from what lies beyond.”

According to the teaser, more details will be shown off at Microsoft’s E3 conference.

The project’s been teased since 2014’s E3 conference as a “completely new IP” in production at BioWare Edmonton that’s described as a “world that feels feel, and is alive and is constantly changing.”

Anthem Is slated to launch during the company’s 2019 fiscal year, which runs from April 2018 to March 2019.

NBA Live 18 gets first trailer, demo launch date

After a brief hiatus, NBA Live will return in time for the Association’s next season with NBA Live 18. EA is putting a particular emphasis on nailing basketball’s fundamentals and customization.

EA hopes to bring something new to the genre, with the RPG-esque The One mode, where you play as your own custom player that you can customize as you wish. As you improve, you’re able to allot points to mold the character into the type of player you want, whether it’s a sharpshooter or a low-post bruiser.

In addition to standard NBA games, Live 18 brings back a streetball mode. You’ll be able to team up with friends to play in five-on-five street matches at real-life courts like those at Venice Beach and Rucker Park.

A demo of the game is slated to arrive in August, with progress carrying over to the full game.

Meanwhile, NBA Live 18 will launch in September.

An extended look at Star Wars Battlefront 2

We got extended looks at both the single-player and multiplayer experience of Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Starting with the single-player campaign, we learned that players assume the role of a TIE fighter pilot fighting for the Empire.

Battlefront 2 will also encompass multiple eras of the Star Wars canon, unlike its predecessor. The game will include areas from all three trilogies in its story and multiplayer campaigns, with appearances from other characters like Darth Maul and Rey.

Meanwhile, EA devoted significant time to the updated multiplayer mode with much larger areas to traverse both land and sky.

A variety of character classes were shown off during the demonstration, along with different vehicles and airships. Airborne dogfighting intercut was also shown off with on-foot action.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will come to PS4, Windows, and Xbox One on Nov. 17. Free content will be available post-release, including new playable characters like Finn and Captain Phasma.


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