GameSentral Rewind 130: Xbox at E3 2017

This is a special edition of the GameSentral Rewind, focusing on Microsoft’s E3 2017 press conference.

Xbox One X launches Nov. 7

The Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpio, will launch on November 7 worldwide for $499.

While upcoming games will look great on the X, Microsoft also stressed how much the system will improve your current game library.

“We’re going to be the ones that can ensure that your games run as fast as they can [and] the best that they possibly can. There will be some cases where we have to dial down some of those attributes … in some games we potentially have to dial down the number of [compute units], for example, to maintain compatibility with that title. But again these are all things that Microsoft does, we’ve always done, that’s true of all 360 titles on Xbox One. We just make sure it runs the best it possibly can on Scorpio and we’re very excited that Scorpio really will be the best place to run all your Xbox content.”

– Andrew Goossen, Microsoft technical fellow

The One X features a more than fourfold increase over the Xbox One’s graphics capability, a 31 percent increase in CPU speed, and a 50 percent increase in onboard RAM.

Forza Motorsport 7 revealed, will run at native 4K/60FPS

Turn 10 Studios showed off Forza Motorsport 7, the next entry in the developer’s mainline racing series.

The game is due to launch on October 3 on Xbox One and Windows.

As expected, Forza 7 will have better-looking graphics on the Xbox One X.

The game runs at a native 4K resolution at 60 FPS, and has “shocking levels of detail,” according to Turn 10 creative director Dan Greenawalt. Over 700 cars are in the game, including the 2018 Porsche GT 911 2RS.

Forza has 4.8 million active players across all platforms.

In terms of tracks, the Hafeet Mountain Pass joins the lineup of locales.
The weather system is more dynamic, with puddles growing in rain and dark skies opening up as the sun comes up.

Metro: Exodus coming in 2018

Metro: Exodus, the latest entry in the Metro franchise, was officially unveiled.

The moody demo played on an Xbox One X, opened with a Dostoevsky quote before quickly transitioning into a first-person battle with a pack of wolf-like ghoul in a dark tunnel. The character then emerged into a derelict town, exploring the abandoned landscape with a crossbow in hand.

The game will launch in 2018.

Assassin’s Creed Origins revealed, coming October 27

Assassin’s Creed Origins has been revealed with a new assassin, time period, and more for the longstanding franchise.

The game takes place in ancient Egypt, which Ubisoft creative director Jean Guesdo calling it “3,000 years of history and mystery.”

Origins features Egyptian sheriff Bayek as its protagonist as he comes back to his hometown, Siwa, to kill a fake oracle named Meedunamun. A gameplay demo showed off new elements to the series like a controllable eagle and an upgrade system.

Origins will come to Xbox One and PS4 on October 27.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds coming to Xbox One

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One in late 2017.

The game will be a console launch exclusive for Xbox, but it could still come to other platforms at a later date.

The game will also be updated for the Xbox One X in time for its launch on November 7.

State of Decay 2 coming in spring 2018

State of Decay 2 will come to Xbox One and Windows 10 in spring 2018.
A new trailer showed a deeper look at the sequel’s gameplay and world.

Deep Rock Galactic announced for Xbox One

Deep Rock Galactic, a new first-person shooter from Ghost Ship Games, was announced for Xbox One.

The game will also receive enhancements for Microsoft’s Xbox One X, complete with support for 4K and HDR.

Deep Rock Galactic is a cooperative FPS mining game where players assume control of a group of Dwarves who must fend on enemy creatures, including spiders, as the mine. The game will be a console exclusive on Xbox One, but may also come to other consoles at some point.

The title is also coming to Windows via Steam Early Access.

Minecraft unites with Better Together update

Mojang has announced the Better Together update for Minecraft this summer, that will unify the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with the mobile and Windows 10 PC versions of the game.

The update will bring these two platforms into the Bedrock Engine family for the game, which is designed for cross-platform play. Players across Switch, Xbox One, Windows, and mobile devices can play together. Saved data, purchased content, and world progress will transfer over from the older versions of the game to the new one.

However, we don’t know for sure if platform specific content like the Switch and Wii U Super Mario Mash-Up Pack will also be coming over to other platforms.

“We are still working out [if the platform-specific content will be available to a player on all platforms] and hope to have more details on that as we get closer to launch.”

– A Minecraft team representative, to IGN

The Minecraft team is also looking into bringing the PlayStation 4 into the fold as well, but there’s nothing concrete yet.

The unification plan will also lead to the expansion of the Minecraft Marketplace and the content creator program, along with the introduction of new in-game servers. While servers are being used now, Mojang is offering official support to community members for the first time with Lifeboat, InPvP, Mineplex, and Cubecraft as initial partners.

Dragon Ball Z fighting game in the works from Arc System Works

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s debut trailer launched during the conference, coming from Arc System Works.

Similar to the Guilty Gear franchise, the game will feature three-versus-three fights starring myriad characters from the franchise. In the trailer, we see familiar heroes like Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks, along with classic villain Majin Buu. Its art style closely resembles the anime.

The game is slated to launch on Xbox One in 2018, with Xbox One X enhancements coming upon release.

The Darwin Project launching exclusively on Xbox One

The Darwin Project is a new multiplayer survival game from Scavengers Studio launching exclusively on Xbox One and Windows.

Taking place in the Canadian Rockies, the Darwin Project is an asymmetrical combat game described as “half science experiment and half live-entertainment.” The trailer showed players with different sets of powers hunting each other in the snow with primitive melee and projectile weapons.

One of the players was able to cloak themselves and had a kind of heat-vision that allowed them to see others through walls. Another player was able to protect themselves for a moment by throwing up a powerful energy shield and appeared to be able to fly short distances.

A shoutcaster narrated the action as viewed from an in-game drone in its Show Director mode.

“The show director can choose to give the underdog an unforeseen edge or turn the tables on a particularly bloodthirsty contestant by restricting zones, calling in airstrikes, or even triggering a – which reveals a player’s position for a few seconds.”

– Microsoft, in a press release

According to Microsoft, the game will launch first on Xbox One with benefits coming from the One X. It will also feature some sort of interactivity with the company’s Mixer streaming platform.

Tacoma launching August 2

Fullbright’s next game, Tacoma, will hit Windows and Xbox One on August 2.
The game was previously expected to launch in 2016 but was pushed back after receiving feedback on an early build of the game.

The Artful Escape coming to Windows 10, Xbox One

Beethoven and Dinosaur’s The Artful Escape will come to Xbox One and Windows 10.
The game will feature Xbox One X enhancements when it launches for the console, though no release date was given.

The Artful Escape stars a man that uses the power of music to traverse a painterly world.

Cuphead launching in September

Cuphead will launch on September 29 on both Windows 10 and Xbox One.

The game will cost $19.99 at launch, according to its store listing, and is compatible with Xbox Play Anywhere for crossplay.

The co-op, run-and-gun sidescroller stars a pair of cupheads who take on a series of bosses in a retro-styled world.

Sea of Thieves coming in early 2018

Action-adventure multiplayer game Sea of Thieves will be available to play early next year on the Xbox One and Windows.

Gameplay footage demonstrated a couple of pirates diving under water to find treasure trapped on a sunken ship. Players must work together to ensure that they can get enough of the treasure without getting killed by nefarious sea creatures. After emerging from the water, players will head to a local island where they’ll have a chance to explore “claustrophobic caves” and look for more loot. To keep the loot in their hands, players will need to battle a series of skeletons on sandy beaches while also contending with less than ideal weather conditions. The loot collected can then be traded in at tiny outposts for money.

We will be seeing more of Sea of Thieves from developer Rare on the E3 show floor on Mixer.

Black Desert announced

Korean developer Pearl Abyss’ MMORPG Black Desert is coming to Xbox One in early 2018.

Those who play the game on Xbox One X will have the added bonus of 4K support.
Additionally, the game will be an Xbox One console exclusive. The game is available now on Windows as Black Desert Online.

The Last Night revealed as launch exclusive

The Studio Ghibli-inspired dark fantasy game The Last Night is now being touted as an Xbox launch exclusive.

The “cinematic platformer” brings equal amounts of rain, neon, and atmosphere.

Crackdown 3 announced

Crackdown 3 will hit Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows on November 7.

The new trailer included an appearance by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Terry Crews.

The game will use the power of Microsoft’s Azure cloud servers to facilitate procedural destruction on a scale beyond what individual consoles can provide.

Crackdown 3 will run at 4K on Xbox One X.

Super Lucky’s Tale coming to Xbox One, Windows

A new version of the virtual reality game Super Lucky’s Tale is coming to Xbox One and Windows on November 7.

The title will support Xbox Play Anywhere for playing on either platform.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm announced

Life is Strange: Before the Storm’s first episode of three is coming on August 31.

Ashen gets new trailer

Ashen got a new trailer revealed that showed off intense battles, exploration, and massive enemies.

All of it was rendered in a semi-polygonal art style that’s less detailed than a lot of modern games. Multiple adventurers were also shown fighting together, suggesting the importance co-op may have.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps revealed

Ori and the Will of the Wisps was announced with a wordless trailer set to live piano.

Original Xbox games becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One


Original Xbox games will become backwards compatible on Xbox One later this year.

Crimson Skies is the only confirmed game to take advantage at this point.

30+ games getting free 4K updates for Xbox One X


Over 30 games will be receiving free 4K updates for the Xbox One X. First party games include Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, and Minecraft.

Alongside this, third-party games getting updated include Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil 7, Ghost Recon Wildlands, and Rocket League.

First details revealed for Anthem


As teased during EA Play, Microsoft closed their E3 briefing with a look at Anthem.

BioWare’s next game is an open-world, third-person shooter that’s coming in 2018.
Players don exosuits called javelins, each of which has different abilities. With them, players can take out massive enemies, fly, and swim underwater.




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