This Week on GameChops: June 26, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve recapped the latest releases from GameChops, but here we are again and there are a few big ones on the way:

Spindash 2 launching July 1

Spindash 2, a tribute to Sonic the Hedgehog, will launch on all major music platforms on July 1. There will also be a live release party stream on that day.

UPDATE June 28: The release party stream will be at 3pm ET (12pm PT, 7pm GDT) on YouTube and Twitch. We will be embedding it here on GameSentral as well.

The 16-track licensed remix album runs the gamut of the Sonic universe, tapping from games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic Colors, and the SEGA Genesis iterations.

Here’s the full tracklist:

  1. Hyper Potions- Tropical Resort
  2. Tudd- Funky Robo
  3. bLiNd- Starlight Starbright
  4. Mykah- Angel Island
  5. Flexstyle- Oil Ocean
  6. RobKTA- Ice Cap
  7. Steven Silo- Marble Zone
  8. Grimecraft- Chemical Plant
  9. GlitchxCity- Crisis City
  10. DJ Supersonic- Flying Fusion
  11. General Offensive- Flying Battery
  12. DJR- Radical Highway (ft. Chjolo)
  13. Mega Flare/Tetracase- Seven Rings
  14. Dj CUTMAN/Breakbeat Heartbeat- Chao Garden
  15. Curly- Planet Wisp
  16. Sylvester Draggon Jr.- Hydrocity

Pre-orders are available now on iTunes and will ensure that you’re among the first to receive the full album on launch day.

UPDATE June 28: Pre-orders are also available on Amazon.

If you need an instant dose of your favorite blue hedgehog, check out the original Spindash album or the official theme for upcoming game Sonic Mania by Hyper Potions.

Dating Start FM

Coda’s official remix of Undertale’s Dating Start theme, done in a frequency modulation (FM) style was released for the first time outside of his Kickstarter campaign. Pick up the track along the rest of the game’s soundtrack over at Fangamer.

Green Greens

OISHII brings a happy hardcore remix of Kirby’s theme. Pick up the track by naming your own price on his Bandcamp page.

Can I Get An Amen

CG5 returns to GameChops with an original track based on Bendy and the Ink Machine. Pick up the track to your favorite music platform and listen to the instrumental version over on CG5’s YouTube channel.

Robots Aren’t Made of This

WillRock brings a heavy metal ballad remix of Undertale’s Hopes & Dreams. Pick up the track from his Undertale & Chill EP, released by Tiny Waves.

Legend of Zelda

GrooveCube brings a progressive dubstep/future bass Zelda remix that has been in extremely heavy rotation in my ears. It’s a free download over at GrooveCube’s Soundcloud.

Electro Monstro Carnival

As requested by a Twitter poll run by Dj CUTMAN. DDRKirbyISQ brings the label’s first remix of Super Mario RPG. This progressive house track is available as part of his Remixes – Volume 1 album on Bandcamp.

Spark: The Electric Jester Original Soundtrack

James Landino brings Smog City, an original breaks track that brings vibes of Mega Man X. The track is available as part of Materia Collective’s Spark: The Electric Jester Original Soundtrack on Bandcamp.

Also released on that album is Sunset Heights, a chill lo-fi hip-hop track from Funk Fiction.

On JoZU Music

Over on JoZU Music, we have the following new tracks:

For more GameChops, subscribe to the channel on YouTube. This Week on GameChops will return for a special Spindash 2 edition on Saturday.


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