GameSentral Rewind 135

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Overwatch League reveals minimum player salaries, benefits

Overwatch League

Blizzard has announced the first details on pro player salaries and benefits for the upcoming Overwatch League, revealing that each player will earn a minimum of $50,000/year.

Teams will be required to sign players to a one-year contract that can be extended to two years if they choose. In addition to the minimum salary, teams also must provide their players with health insurance, a retirement savings plan, as well as housing and practice facilities during the season.

On top of that, at least 50 percent of bonuses earned from winning events must go directly to the players. The bonus pool for all season one events is $3.5 million, with at least $1 million going directly to the championship team.

For a team with six players (a roster can have up to 12), that’s at least another $83,000/player for winning season one.

Currently, seven cities have confirmed that they’ll have teams representing them: Boston, Los Angeles, Miami-Orlando, New York, San Francisco, Seoul, and Shanghai.

Blizzard has set the signing window for season one for between Aug. 1 and Oct. 30, so it won’t be much longer before we’ll see news on that front.

Doomfist available now in Overwatch


Meanwhile, cybernetically-enhanced Overwatch villain Doomfist is now officially playable in the game on all platforms.

According to Blizzard, the “highly-mobile” offense hero boasts a handful of ranged and melee abilities. His primary weapon is the Hand Cannon, a shotgun-like short-range burst with regenerating ammo.

Doomfist’s Seismic Slam ability lets him crash into the ground and knock down nearby opponents while Rising Uppercut lets him send enemies flying into the air. Rocket Punch requires a brief charge before knocking enemies back, with additional damage being dealt if they fly into a wall.

For his ultimate, Meteor Strike, Doomfist flies into the air before crashing back down. He also has a passive ability that lets him generate +30 personal shield barriers on himself for every enemy hit by his abilities and +75 for enemies damaged by his ultimate.

New Marvel mobile game announced


Marvel Entertainment and Aftershock have announced a new mobile game set in the Marvel Universe.

The game will be an action-RPG and will have PvP multiplayer elements.

“The game will be the full package. An exciting storyline, epic moments with Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains, and incredible visuals that truly bring our characters to life.

“It’s shaping up to be one of our biggest and boldest projects in our mobile portfolio, and we know it will exceed our fans’ expectations.”

-Jay Ong, Marvel senior vice president of games

Aftershock includes former employees of Blizzard, Riot, and EA, and is also working on a mobile strategy game in the world of Avatar.


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