GameSentral Rewind 158

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Rare details next Sea of Thieves update, updates status on known issues

Sea of Thieves

Rare has detailed what’s coming next in Sea of Thieves’ next update, and given a status update on issues players may have experienced since launch in a Developer Update video.

In the video, Rare studio head Craig Duncan and Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate lay out update to the game, top issues players may be experiencing, the studio’s priorities in fixing them, and what players can expect going forward.

Some updates include the addition of an option to favorite a pirate during the selection process, removing auto-lock on melee attacks to keep players from accidentally killing teammates, changing respawn logic so mermaids bring players to their new ship instead of their old shipwreck, and an option for players to progress to level 50 within each trading company to unlock tons of new cosmetic items.

The update will also bring the addition of snakes, lore items, and new types of skeletons like plant, metal, and shadow skeletons with different strengths and weaknesses along with the addition of the Order of Souls Trading Company. The new trading company is formed by those drawn to ancient magic. In addition, there’s ship customization items that are available for purchase at the Shipwright, and several bug fixes. A future update will see the addition of a small gold charge for dying, with the Captain of the Ferry of the Damned determining the fee based on how players died.

Since launch, players have reported issues gaining access to the game during peak hours, delayed achievements and in-game rewards, inventory items that go temporarily missing, and Xbox One X performance issues.

According to Duncan, access issues are caused by the peak time player base being much larger than Rare expected. For perspective, the player pool is three to four times the size of the final beta which was Rare’s largest scale test to date.

Issues with item and currency reward delays are caused by the system queuing tasks, according to Neate, assuring players that these issues are only temporarily. He also revealed that the achievement system issues were intentional as Rare shifted resources to let more players access the game during peak hours last night.

To fix the issue, Rare recommends that players keep playing instead of exiting after experiencing delays to avoid putting additional pressure on the matchmaking and login systems. In the meantime, Rare is working on a fix for both issues.

Players experiencing missing items upon logging into the game may be able to fix the issue by buying new items, but the team has a fix that will be included in an upcoming patch that could release as early as next week. The patch will also address the Xbox One X performance issues.

According to Neate, the team is working hard around the clock and is aiming to make improvements before tonight’s peak time.

Fortnite update tomorrow adds two weapons


Fortnite will be updated to version 3.3.1 tomorrow with the Heavy Shotgun coming to Battle Royale mode and the Flame Grill Floor Trap coming to Save the World mode.

Hitman Spring Pack includes World of Tomorrow mission for free

Hitman World of Tomorrow

To put it simply, the weather outside is frightful on both coasts so why not escape to Italy’s Amalfi Coast? Well, lucky for you, Hitman Spring Pack will take you there.

The Spring Pack will bring you episode two from the game’s inaugural season. In World of Tomorrow, its main mission, Agent 47 must eliminate two targets along with a lethal virus. The action takes place on a large level set in a sleepy seaside town with a sprawling villa and a secret underground laboratory.

The pack launched today on PS4, Steam, and Xbox One as a free download for the next two weeks. It will not be available after April 3, but anybody who downloads it before then will be able to keep it forever with their progress carrying over to the full game if they choose to buy it in the future.

Along with World of Tomorrow, Hitman Spring Pack includes Hitman’s prequel at an ICA facility – which comes with two story missions – along with everything else in the Sapienza episode.

ARK: Survival Evolved coming to Switch

Ark Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard announced during Epic Games’ State of Unreal keynote at the 2018 Game Developers Conference that ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The prehistoric survival game will release digitally and in retail this fall. Abstraction Games is co-developing the game, featuring all the content found in the original release including over 100 different creatures.

Brendan Greene will deliver opening keynote at PAX East


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds creator Brendan Greene will deliver the keynote speech on Apr. 5 at PAX East.

Greene will take viewers through his five-year journey from an ArmA II modder to the creative director for Steam’s third-highest selling game, which the announcement notes has now breached 35 million copies sold across Xbox One and PC.

“Brendan Greene’s story is a fascinating one, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is only the latest chapter.”

Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade co-founder


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