GameSentral Rewind 159

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

PUBG’s newest map will get its first play test next week

PUBG Codename Savage

Codename: Savage, the newest map for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, will get its first alpha play test in a few days according to developer PUBG Corp.

Unlike the first two maps, Savage will be 4km by 4km, creating the conditions for a more intense and fast-paced game.

Because the map is in such an early stage, only a limited number of players will be able to participate in the first test.

The initial test period will run from 10pm ET (7pm PT, 3am GMT April 3) on April 2 to 7am ET (4am PT, 12pm GMT) on April 5.

Punch-Out comes to Switch

Punch-Out Nintendo Switch

Punch-Out, Nintendo’s classic boxing game, has arrived on the Switch eShop today.

The game is available to download now in all regions. Originally released in arcades in 1984, the game is largely similar to the more well-known NES version with some notable differences. On top of its much richer visuals, it pits players against several fighters.

The original arcade version was also notable for its unique cabinet, which features a two-screen setup akin to the 3DS. The top screen displayed the player’s stats, while the game was played on the bottom screen. The Switch version retains this dual-screen display and gives players the option to display them either side-by-side or vertically.

Punch-Out can be downloaded for $8 directly from Nintendo’s website.

God of War gets performance mode with PS4 Pro on non-4K TVs

God of War

God of War will use a new performance mode to squeeze some extra juice out of the PlayStation 4 Pro even without a 4K display.

Game director Cory Barlog explained the mode in a tweet:

God of War comes to PS4 on April 20.

Guacamelee 2 coming to PC

Guacamelee 2

Guacamelee 2, which was announced in October at Paris Games Week, is coming to Windows along with PS4.

Like the first game, Guacamelee 2 will tell the story of a masked stranger that comes back from the dead to save a remote town in a metroidvania style. It will also support four-player cooperative gameplay.

However, there’s no guidance on the game’s launch date other than “soon-ish.”

New Pokemon Go update brings Mew, Quest system


A new update for Pokemon Go is now available for iOS and Android with the recently revealed quest system that introduces new objectives to complete and more story elements.

Players can take on two types of “research” quests: Field Research and Special Research. Field Research quests are distributed at PokeStops and challenge players with completing certain tasks, like taking part in battles or catching specific Pokemon.

Special Research quests, meanwhile, are “story-driven activities” assigned by Professor Willow that “take Trainers further into the world of Pokemon Go than ever before. The initial batch of quests are linked to Mew, which players will have a chance to encounter after completing the storyline.

Players will also earn various items for completing these quests, including a stamp for the first Field Research task completed every day. Collecting seven of these stamps will lead to a Research Breakthrough that unlocks additional rewards.


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