GameSentral Rewind 161

This is the GameSentral Rewind, a daily recap of the top gaming headlines.

Destiny 2 Warmind expansion lands May 8th


Destiny 2’s second expansion, Warmind, is slated to arrive on May 8th. More details will be revealed in an April 24th Twitch stream. We don’t know much as of yet, but it will focus on the interplanetary AI systems (like Rasputin and Charlemagne) humanity counted on for defense in its glory days.

What we know about E3 2018’s press conferences so far


E3 is less than two months away, so now’s as good a time as any to let you know what we know about the gaming extravaganza. Microsoft, Bethesda, and EA have already announced when they’re going to be holding their briefings, while we’re expecting word to come soon from Sony, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and others.

EA will kick things off on Saturday, June 9 from its E3-adjacent EA Play briefing, while Microsoft and Bethesda will follow on Sunday afternoon and evening respectively. If tradition is to be maintained, Sony’s will be held on Monday evening with Nintendo holding something on Tuesday. The PC Gaming Show will also return.

Here are the specifics:

  • EA: June 9 at 11am PT/2pm ET/7pm GMT
  • Microsoft: June 10 at 1pm PT/4pm ET/9pm GMT
  • Bethesda: June 10 at 6:30pm PT/9:30pm/June 11 at 2:30am GMT

Fortnite outage leaves Twitch users turning to replays

Epic Games delivered the big 3.5 patch for battle royale sensation Fortnite yesterday, but within hours that update brought the game’s servers to a crawl.

The studio confirmed in a tweet yesterday that the servers are being brought down for emergency maintenance.

The game’s status page has been updated several times since then referring to a database problem but there’s no word on when Fortnite will be back up.

Despite this, Fortnite is still the number one streamed game on Twitch as of 9:30am ET with nearly 82,000 people watching archived replays or streamers hanging out. Ninja averaged about 80,000 viewers during his stream as the outage occurred.

PUBG tweaks “zone of death” pacing in new update

PUBG Miramar map

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has tweaked gameplay in its latest update to make it faster faced, more tactical, and more violent. The main tweak here is timing in the “Blue Zone,” a shrinking death region that forces players closer together as their numbers dwindle. As requested, it’ll contract at a faster speed early in the game, reducing players’ ability to linger and gather loot. Speeds are also being slowed later on, with damage being ramped up in games’ closing stages.

Far Cry 5 live event rewards you for trying out arcade mode

Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s latest live event is subtly encouraging players to play through some of the Arcade mode.

The Arcade Dawn event will run through April 17th, and rewards you with a Vector .45 ACP submachine gun for playing the mode for 40 minutes. Once you’ve hit your personal quota, you can keep playing Arcade mode to help earn the community goal that will grant everyone the Arcade Pro outfit. Per usual, silver bars will be received for progress on the way towards those ultimate goals.

To participate, head to the Online area of the menu and select Live Events. Accept the quest and it’ll start tracking your progress and show you the community progress meter.




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